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Maslow Collection Overview

The development of The Maslow Collection begins in 1982 with the first major purchases taking place in 1983.

In 1983

 51 prints, 13 photographs and 3 paintings were purchased, including:

Prints (selected)

Until Photographs Could be Taken from Earth Satellites by David Salle
Phil III by Chuck Close
Serial Systems by Sol Lewitt
Puppet by Susan Rothenberg
Signs and Hotshot by Robert Rauschenberg
Horse Blinders by James Rosenquist
Alphabet by Jasper Johns
Haystack and Huh! by Roy Lichtenstein
Metro, Petro, Neuro, Psycho by Edward Ruscha
Clinton Plaza (Black Series) ; Singerli Variation Squared with Colored Ground IV and Pergusa Three - State I by Frank Stella
Jules, Gretchen, Mark State II by Robert Longo
In the Garden #40 by Jennifer Bartlett
Pine Barrens Tree Frog by Andy Warhol
Barbecued Beef by Wayne Thiebaud

Photographs (selected)

Winding Towers by Hilla and Bernd Becher
Wall Street by Kenneth Snelson
The Automat by Berenice Abbott
Construct NYC-8 by Barbara Kasten
Drawer with Silverware by Wright Morris
Gettysburg, 1974 by Lee Friedlander


Polarity by Anthony Sorce
The Wind Demons by Rex Lau
Tree by Michael Falcone


Between 1984 and 1986

 The Collection began to include more paintings along with the continuing interest in acquiring important prints and photography, including works by artists not from the United States, such as the Peter Bommels painting.

During these three years works by John Beerman, Robert Cumming, Edward Henderson, and James Biederman were first purchased, in the years to follow the Maslows continued to purchase a significant number of important works by these two artists.

Prints (selected)

Four Panels from Untitled and Target with Four Faces by Jasper Johns
The Kindergarten Robes by Jim Dine
Two Paintings: Sleeping Muse by Roy Lichtenstein
Radiance by Dorothea Rockburne
Lament for Lorca by Robert Motherwell
Two Boys on a Raft by Sandro Chia
Telemone #1 by Francesco Clemente
Campbell's Soup I (Onion, Black Bean, Pepper Pot) by Andy Warhol

Photographs (selected)

Eye/Ear, andThree Chairs/Mexico (plus 8 additional images) by Robert Cohen
White Calla Lily, New York by Walter Winings Nelson

Paintings (selected)

Untitled (MP #126) and (MP #127) by Jack Goldstein
Streets of Tupelo by Thornton Willis
Go-Jo by James Biederman
Young Man Frozen by a Waterfall by Steven Campbell
The World is Breathing by John Beerman
Untitled (54-85) by Peter Plagens
New York - Natural History by Peter Bommels
Vein, Vain, Vane by Edward Henderson

Other Works on Paper (selected)

Ba Boom by James Biederman
Hemisphere and Industry Bowl by Robert Cumming

From 1987 to the present

The Maslow Collection has continued to add important prints, photographs, paintings and works on paper, along with a select number of three dimensional works.

Artists such as Anthony Sorce, Melissa Meyer, Joel Shapiro, Edward Henderson, Jerry Zeniuk, Will Mentor, Tracy Grayson, Willy Heeks, Frank Owen, Kevin O'Toole, Andrew Spence, Peter Halley, Larry Brown, Rex Lau and Scott Kelley have been collected in depth, some with as many as 15 to 30 individual works in the Collection.

Other artists such as Terry Winters, David Reed, Sandy Skogland, Jane Henderson, David Hornung, Jennifer Bartlett, Gary Lang, Cary Smith, Karla Knight, Mel Kendrick, Barbara Kasten, Sherry Levine, Robert Jessup, and Gary Stephan have one or more works in the Collection.

Significant Additions since 1986 (selected)


The Laws of Interior Design (photograph) and Something on the Wall (painting) by Sandy Skogland
No. 230 (for Beccafumi) (painting) by David Reed
Basswood with Clay and Holes (sculpture) by Mel Kendrick
The Sky Lark and the Frog (photograph) by Hamish Fulton
Moor (painting) by Susan Laufer
Wanderings III (work on paper) by Jurgen Partenheimer


The Seasons and Coat Hanger 1 (prints) by Jasper Johns
Amadeus (painting) by Anthony Sorce
Small Constellations 3 (painting) by Robert Cumming
Prison (print) by Peter Halley
Back Out (painting) by Gary Lang


La Penna di hu (print) by Frank Stella
A Tale of Mexico (painting) by Larry Brown
From Rhapsody (print) by Jennifer Bartlett
C21 H23 N O5 (painting) by Scott Kelley
Hearts of Space (painting) by Anthony Sorce


Meltdown (print) by Sherrie Levine
Furrows (print) by Terry Winters
Dome (painting) by Willy Heeks
The Lost Order (painting) by Will Mentor
Garden, Amagansett (photographs, 7 images) by Ellen Phelan
The Coppers: Wall (painting) by Frank Owen
The Return (painting) by Ross Neher
Sculpture LW 60-90 (sculpture) by Kevin O'Toole


At the Soldiers and Sailors Home (painting) by Nicholas Africano
Main Street (print) by Edward Ruscha
Volterra (painting) by Melissa Meter
Pink Hat (painting) Aaron Fink
Red Perceives Only a Bulb in the Outline (photograph) by Robert Cumming
Coal Mines (photographs) by Bernd and Hilla Becher
Tripod (photograph) by William Wegman
I Want to Know You (painting) by Cary Smith
Mirror #33 (painting) by Gary Lang


Jerusalem Walls and Windows, Study (work on paper) by David Rankin
The Night Juggler (painting) by Donald McLaughlin
Untitled (#45418) (painting) by Gary Stephan
Untitled (AVS/glowing Presence) (painting) by Anthony Sorce

1993 - 1999

Christmas Eve (painting) by Martin Mull
In Love with Night (painting) by Melissa Meyer
Tuner (mixed media) by Jane Hammond
Big A Go Go (painting) by Rochelle Feinstein
Untitled No. 12 (painting) by Alex Greenfield
Four Panels (work on paper) by Anthony Sorce
Fisher Beach (painting) by John Beerman     

 Polarity by Anthony Sorce - One of the first paintings acquired for the Collection in 1983.

Phill III by Chuck Close acquired in 1983

Construct NYC-8 by Barbara Kasten acquired in 1983

The Automat by Berenice Abbott acquired in 1983

Young Man Frozen by a Waterfall by Steven Campbell acquired in 1885

Campbell's Soup I (Onion, Black Bean, Pepper Pot) by Andy Warhol acquired in 1985

Something on the Wall by Sandy Skogland acquired in 1987

Basswood with Clay and Holes by Mel Kendrick acquired in 1987

Small Constellations 3 by Robert Cumming acquired in 1988

Dome by Willy Heeks acquired in 1990

Meltdown (one of four prints) by Sherrie Levine acquired in 1990

In Love with Night by Melissa Meyer acquired in 1993