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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Exhibition Loan: Transcendent & Unrepentant

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Jan 25, 2002 - Feb 25, 2002

The Maslow Collection lent one work by David Reed to this exhibition curated by Sid Sachs, Director of the Rosenwald - Wolf Gallery, The University of the Arts.

Work lent to the exhibition by The Maslow Collection:

David Reed, No. 230 (for Beccafumi), 1985 - 6

Works Included

Natalie Alper

Frank Bramblett

Lawrence Carroll

Steve DiBenedetto

Susan Goldman

Neysa Grassi

Peter Halley

Freddotcmsdbuser Hammersley

Jonathan Lasker

Alfred Jensen

Fabian Marcaccio

Stuart Netsky

Darwin Nix

Thomas Nozkowski

Bruce Pollock

David Reed

Warren Rohrer

Walter Robinson

James Siena

Gary Stephan

Marjorie Welish

Photo Gallery