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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Selections from The Maslow Collection III

Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA
Dec 01, 1999 - Mar 15, 1999

Works Included

Nicholas Africano, A Captive Man Whose Only Chance Was Detachment, 1992
Sandro Chia, Two Boys on a Raft, 1982
Francesco Clemente, untitled, 1984
Aaron Fink, Pink Hat, 1991
Jane Hammond, untitled, 1989
Jane Hammond, Tuner, 1993
David Hornung, Icon to an Age of Ice, 1988
Martin Mull, Christmas Eve, 1993
Cary Smith, untitled, 1990
Cary Smith, untitled, 1990
Cary Smith, I Want to Know You, 1992
Andrew Spence, Switch Plate, 1986
Andrew Spence, untitled, 1989
Andrew Spence, untutled, 1989
Tad Wiley, Buoy Tree, 1987
Thorton Willis, Streets of Tupelo, 1984
Thorton Willis, Okeechobee, 1986
Tony W. H. Wong, untitled, 1984
Tony W. H. Wong, Eclipse, 1985
Jerry Zeniuk, untitled (Vermont Group), 1987
Jerry Zeniuk, untitled, 1991
Jerry Zeniuk, Untitled Number 153, 1991

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