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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Exhibition Loan: Conceptual Realism

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Nov 03, 2000 - Dec 02, 2000

The Maslow Collection lent one work by Jack Goldstein to this exhibition curated by Sid Sachs, Director of the Rosenwald - Wolf Gallery, The University of the Arts.

Works Included

Work lent to the exhibition by The Maslow Collection:

Jack Goldstein, Untitled (MP# 126), 1984

Other Artists included in the exhibition:

Richard Artschwager
Malcolm Morley
Chuck Close
Vija Celmins
Thomas Chimes
Sylvia Plimack Mangold
Catherine Murphy
Ellen Phelan
Mark Tansey
Troy Brauntuch
David Deutsch
Joan Nelson
William Smith
Jane Irish
Michael Blodget
Steve Wolfe
Karen Kilimnik
Mary Murphy

Photo Gallery