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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Pattern: Selections From TheMaslow Collection

Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA
Jan 01, 2000 - Apr 01, 2000

Works Included

Bernice Abbott The Automat [83.52]
Hilla & Bernd Becher Anonymous Sculptures [91.28A-C]
Roger Boyce Succession [86.04]
Chuck Close Phil III [83.12]
Robert Cumming Burning Box #2 [90.11]
Rochelle Feinstein Big A Go Go [93.10]
Evelyn Hofer Haughwout Building, New York [83.50]
Valerie Jaudon Smyra [84.19]
Gary Lang Back Out [88.32]
Rex Lau The Wind Demons [83.14]
Sol Lewitt Serial Systems [83.16A-F]
Will Mentor Antietam [90.42]
Andrew Spence untitled [90.09B]

Photo Gallery