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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

6 Photographers Points of View: Selections from The Maslow Collection

Marywood University Saraci Gallery, Scranton, PA
Jan 16, 2006 - Feb 19, 2006

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Works Included

Hilla and Bernd Becher, Winding Towers, 1974 -1988 (nine photographs)
Hilla and Bernd Becher, Coal Mines, 1974 - 1988 (three photographs)
Mark Cohen, Legs/Corduroy Shorts, 1972
Mark Cohen, Three Chairs/Mexico. June, 1981
Mark Cohen, White Sock, 1985
Mark Cohen, Ear/Eye, July,1980
Mark Cohen, Two Girls / London, June,1975
Mark Cohen, Napkins in Glass,1985
Mark Cohen, Twisting, 1976
Mark Cohen, Girl Holding Popscile, May, 1972
Lee Friedlander, Gettysburg, 1974
Lee Friedlander, General Andrew Jackson, Lafayette Park, Washington,D.C., 1973
Lee Friedlander, Father Duffy, Times Square, New York City, 1974
Hamish Fulton, Bird Rock, 1987
Hamish Fulton, The Skylark and the Frog, 1986
Barbara Kasten, Construct NYC-8, 1983
Barbara Kasten, Construct L-B6, 1983
Sherrie Levine, Meltdown, 1989

Photo Gallery