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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Photographic Inquires: Selections from The Maslow Collection

Marywood University Saraci Gallery, Scranton, PA
Mar 03, 2003 - Mar 30, 2003

This exhibition is part of an ongoing internship and curatorial studies program offerred by Marywood University in partnership with The Malsow Collection. The Curator for this exhibiton is Andria Bolella, a student in the Arts Administration Program at Marywood.

Works Included

Bernice Abbott, The Automat
Hilla and Bernd Becher, Winding Towers, 1974-78 (nine photographs)
Harry Callahan, Morocco, 1980
Mark Cohen, Girl in White Dress Skipping, 1981
Mark Cohen, White Sock, 1985
Mark Cohen, Paper Hat, 1978
Mark Cohen, Two Girls / London, 1975
Robert Cumming, Red Percievesw Only a Bulb in the Outline,1979
Lee Friedlander, Gettysburg, 1974
Lee Friedlander, General Andrew Jackson, Lafayette Park, Washington,D.C., 1973
Lee Friedlander, NYC, 1974
Hamish Fulton, Bird Rock, 1987
David Haxton, untitled, 1983
Evelyn Hofer, Haughwout Building, New York
Barbara Kasten, Construct NYC-8, 1983
Ellen Phelan, Garden, Amagansett, 1990 (two from a seriesof seven)
Wendell MacRae, Kitchen for Rainbow Room
Joel Meyerowitz, Bay/Sky, Provincetown, 1977
Denny Moers, Digression of an Angel #1, Turkey, 1985
Denny Moers, Cappadocia, 1985
Wright Morris, Drawer with Silverware, 1947
Sandy Skoglund, The Laws of Interior Design, 1986
William Wegman, Tripod, 1989

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