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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Painting: Non-Objective

Oct 23, 2008 - Nov 18, 2008

The selection of works to be included in this installation were chosen by the Maslow Curator and the painting professor, Steven Alexander. This exhibition will be followed in three weeks by another selection of paintings that will draw from the more figurative works in The Maslow Collection; this time by the Maslow Curator and the painting professor Pam Parsons.

This exhibition of non-objective paintings presents a range of painterly approaches and sensibilities in which surface treatment and chromatic attention are clearly addressed and expressed. Of the three works that appear at first glance to be studies in black and white only the work by Terry Winters is truly without additional color, while the works by Melissa Meyer and Nancy Haynes involve shades of pink, brown, or beige in varying degrees and depth. Surface issues that go beyond the more traditional brush stroke are most evident in the works of David Reed, Howard Buchwald, Scott Kelley, and James Biederman, while the works by Thornton Willis, Jerry Zeniuk, and Bradley Wester are more painterly in comparison.

In the months ahead the Malsow Curator will present one person exhibitions for a number of artists included in this exhibition - The Maslow Collection includes 18 works by Melissa Meyer, 8 by Jerry Zeniuk, and 8 by James Biederman. The range of works produced by each of these artists will certainly be better addressed through these one person exhibitions.

Works Included

James Biederman, untitled, 1988, oil on canvas, 84 x 64
Howard Buchwald, untitled, 1974, oil on linen on board, 64 x 64
Nancy Haynes, untitled, 1989, oil on paper on linen, 22 1/2 x 30 1/4
Scott Kelley, Painted for D.I.F.D.U.M.A. 2, 1989, gouache on paper, 29 9/16 x 15 5/8
Melissa Meyer, untitled, 1990, oil on canvas, 14 x 24 diptych
David Reed, No. 230 (for Beccafumi), 1985-6, oil and alkyd on canvas, 108 x 36
Bradley Wester, untitled, 1990, oil on panel, 17 7/8 x 11 3/4
Thornton Willis, Streets of Tupelo, 1984, acrylic on canvas, 69 x 84
Terry Winters, Schema (60), 1985-6, vinylic, graphite, gouache on paper, 12 x 8 1/2
Jerry Zeniuk, Untitled, Number 117, 1988, oil on linen, 67 x 76

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