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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Current Themes / Persistent Dialogues

Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA
Oct 06, 1997 - May 30, 1997

Works Included

Jennifer Bartlett, In the Garden #40, 1983
Hilla and Bernd Becher, Winding Towers, 1974-78 (nine photographs)
James Biederman, untitled, 1988
Howard Buchwald, untitled, 1974
Chuck Close, Phill III, 1982
Robert Cumming, Burning Box #2, 1988
Robert Cumming, Red Percievesw Only a Bulb in the Outline, 1979
Jim Dine, The Kindergarten Robes, 1983
Tracy Grayson, untitled, 1989
Willy Heeks, Affirming Home, 1988
Willy Heeks, Dome, 1990
Willy Heeks, untitled, 1988
Edward Henderson, Vein, Vain, Vane, 1985-6
Robert Jessup, Watchful Father, 1987
Robert Jessup, Winter, 1987
Jasper Johns, Coat Hanger I, 1960
Jasper Johns, Four Panels from Untitled 1972, 1973-4
Barbara Kasten, Construct NYC-8, 1983
Scott Kelly, Shores of Perth 4, 1988
Gary Lang, Back Out, 1988
Rex Lau, The Wind Demons, 1982-3
Sherrie Levine, Meltdown, 1989 (series of four)
Sol Lewitt, Serial Systems, 1977 (series of nine)
Roy Lichtenstein, Huh!, 1976
Roy Lichtenstein, Two Paintings: Sleeping Muse, 1984
Robert Longo, Jules, Gretchen, Mark, State II, 1982-3
Melissa Meyer, In Love With Night, 1992
Melissa Meyer, X, 1990
Melissa Meyer, XI, 1990
Robert Rauschenberg, Hotshot
Robert Rauschenberg, Signs, 1970
Dorothea Rockburne, Radiance, 1983
Susan Rothenberg, Head and Bones, 1980
Susan Rothenberg, Puppet, 1983
Edward Ruscha, Indecision, 1982
Edward Ruscha, Metro, Petro, Neuro, Psycho, 1982
Sandy Skoglund, The Laws of Interior Design, 1986
Anthony Sorce, Amadeus, 1986
Andrew Spence, untitled, 1989
Andrew Spence, untitled, 1989
Frank Stella, Pergusa Three - State I, 1983
Frank Stella, Singerli Variation Squared with Colord Ground IV, 1981
Andy Warhol, Campbell's Soup I (Onion), 1968

Photo Gallery