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Maslow Exhibition Archive Detail

Contemporary Issues, Enduring Vision: Selected Works by Women Artists from The Maslow Collection

Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA
Mar 06, 1999 - May 17, 1999

With a Symposium on March 27. Melissa Meyer, Jane Hammond, Sandy Skoguland were panelists.

Works Included

Bernice Abbott, The Automat
Anne Abrons, Fall, 1990
Hilla and Bernd Becher, Winding Towers, 1974-78 (nine photographs)
Jennifer Bartlett, In the Garden #40, 1983
Louisa Chase, Baby, Baby, 1991
Louisa Chase, Oedipus, 1991
Rochelle Feinstein, Big A Go Go, 1992
Jane Hammond, untitled, 1989
Jane Hammond, Tuner, 1993
Nancy Haynes, Segno, 1985
Nancy Haynes, untitled, 1989
Nancy Haynes, Interrupt, 1991
Evelyn Hofer, Haughwout Building, New York
Valerie Jaudon, Smyra, 1983
Barbara Kasten, Construct L-B6, 1982
Barbara Kasten, Construct NYC-8, 1983
Karla Knight, Double Half and Hole, 1989
Karla Knight, Study for Descendant, 1989
Lois Lane, untitled
Sherrie Levine, Meltdown, 1989 (series of four)
Melissa Meyer, Volterra, 1990
Melissa Meyer, XI, 1990
Melissa Meyer, untitled, 1987
Joan Nelson, Untitled (453 C), 1990
Joan Nelson, Untitled (450 C), 1990
Ellen Phelan, Garden, Amagansett, 1990 (series of seven)
Katherine Porter, 1000 Reb Burning Nights, 1986
Dorothea Rockburne, Radiance, 1983
Susan Rothenberg, Head and Bones, 1980
Susan Rothenberg, Puppet, 1983
Margo Sawyer, Darkness and Light, 1990
Sandy Skoglund, The Laws of Interior Design, 1986
Sandy Skoglund, Something on the Wall, 1986

Photo Gallery